Our Services:

  • Haircut Styling
  • Eye Lash Extension
  • Facial Waxing
  • Color, highlights, low-lights Color correction
  • Hair Extension
  • Up-dos Perm Chi Straightening
  • Orange Peel

Look at the difference on the picture above. Nothing is more attractive than a clean healthy looking heel, rather than one that has scaly dry skin. Keeping this untreated will cause more cracks and drier skin. With our service of Orange Peel, you can get immediate results in just 20 min! The treatment only takes as long as ONLY 20 min, with a cost of $35!!!



Take a look at the before and after picture of the Eyelash Extensions. With our service of Eyelash Extensions, they offer you beautiful long-lasting lashes for about 3-5 weeks. On your first time, we obviously put every detail and we put it on every lash. The first time would take around 2 hours, and after 3-5 weeks, you can come back for touch-up which would only take around 1 hour, with the cost of $50.